GlowDoggie LED Dog Collar

If you are a victim of walking your dog at night due to long work hours or just love being outdoors at night, then I know you’ll appreciate this very resourceful LED dog collar. This German made collar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen (unless you know what a GlowDoggie is already).

Unlike traditional reflective dog collars that need a light source to reflect, the GlowDoggie is completely self powered.

I figured it would be the perfect candidate to test out on our next late-night outing.

I love being outdoors with my dogs, dark or not. When my dogs and I head out to the lake after workdays, we try and be as prepared and cautious as we can. Keep in mind it’s a rural lake and rangers are long gone by the time we start our adventure.

On an early warm day you can always count on walking into dozens of other trekkers and their dogs.

Our journey usually begins walking through a flat piece of grassland, then weaving through the backwoods, and finally about 100 yards of marsh before arriving at the bed of the lake.

Certain trail paths are too narrow to share with a dog. Also, having a dog leashed while crossing a creek is always disastrous–especially if you like to twinkle-toe across the rocks like I do (heh).

In short, it’s a 2 mile off-leash journey for all of us.

I’ve been coming to this lake for as long as I can remember. I’d like to think I know my way by now, but Mother Nature improvises and loves to rearrange my high-tech checkpoints (rock piles and ribbons tied around branches).

In addition to sometimes getting lost, my dogs often catch scent of something and decide to take a path of their own. They don’t run off yodeling like Beagles on a fox hunt; it’s more of a steady trot, head low, kind of focus. I don’t worry much if I can hear them, but when I can’t, I’ll give a yelp or two.

Once we’re at the lake I usually let the dogs play and swim until dark (yea, I’m a bad Dad like that). The sounds coming from the woods are remarkable. Sounds usually range from all kinds of dinosaur-sized insects, frogs, and water fowl… possibly.

Today was going to be a little different for everyone on our return from the lake. I was going to put the GlowDoggie to the test. I was equipped with a head lamp as usual but Frisco would be wearing the green LED powered dog collar.

Since Frisco tries to be more of a leader than a follower, it made sense for him to sport it.

The whole way back the dogs pretty much stayed in a bunch. The GlowDoggie’s 4 LED lights were much brighter than I expected them to be; Frisco literally walked with a 6 ft. ball of light around him.

The GlowDoggie played it’s biggest role as we walked back through the woods. Moonlight barely seeped through the dense trees, but the GlowDoggie kept on glowing.

With Frisco as our torch-dog, we made it back easier and less worrisome (this applies to me only) than most of our late-nights at the lake.

Even though I use a head-lamp, it’s very easy to loose sight of things, especially when your working on your footing. I was able to redirect Frisco or tell him to wait if I started to loose too much ground on him. It was much easier to track him once I finished with a water crossing than if he’d not been wearing the glowing collar.

The GlowDoggie is even better on late night strolls around the neighborhood because you’re ensuring that cars, bicyclist, and people know where you and your dog are positioned at all times.

The GlowDoggie is definitely a win in my book. Be sure to check out the official product review for the GlowDoggie.

About the author: Dogs kick ass, we all know that. That’s why Sam has devoted his life to working with dogs, one way or another.